PC Gaming Fixes and Trainers

What is Game Fixes ?

Game Fixes is the technical support for the bugs and errors occurred while starting or playing a game , these are basically some files which contains .dll extension with some data included in it for Gameplay . Trainers and crack files are also used for this problem , these files mostly have the Game Application file .exe and the files which are used to force startup the gameplay process . All the crashes for the Games with large game size and extreme graphics can be fixed by some troubleshooting or these fixes .

game fixes

Like most common latest Games having crash problem :-

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Errors ,Crashes,Performance Issues
  • Sniper Elite 4 Errors, Not Starting, FPS Problems
  • Rising Storm 2:Vietnam Random and Startup Crashes
  • BattleField 1 Directx Function Error Nvidia or AMD
  • Watch Dogs 2 Launch Issues
  • Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Errors , Performance Issues
  • Mafia 3 Optimization, Startup Crashes

Dynamic-link library (or DLL) is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. These libraries usually have the file extension DLL, OCX (for libraries containing ActiveX controls), or DRV (for legacy system drivers). The file formats for DLLs are the same as for Windows EXE files – that is, Portable Executable (PE) for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and New Executable (NE) for 16-bit Windows. As with EXEs, DLLs can contain code, data, and resources, in any combination.

Mostly Used DLL Files for Gaming

1. msvcp100.dll

msvcp100.dll is a file used in Microsoft Visual C++ and is often in some games for Game Application Process.

Download msvcp100.dll

2. msvcr100.dll

msvcr100.dll is also a file used in Microsoft Visual C++ and is often in some games for Gaming startup.

Download msvcr100.dll

3. msvcr100_clr0400.dll

msvcr100_clr0400.dll is the file for Microsoft C Runtime Library.

Download msvcr100_clr0400.dll

4. xinput1_3.dll

xinput1_3.dll is the Microsoft Runtime Library for API.

Download xinput1_3.dll

5. mfc100.dll

mfc100.dll is the file used in Runtime Retail Version for Gaming.

Download mfc100.dll

6. mfc100u.dll

mfc100u.dll is the file used in Runtime Retail Version for Gaming.

Download mfc100u.dll

7. D3dx9_43.dll

D3dx9_43.dll is the file error caused by directx problems when main directx files are not installed properly for Gaming Requirements.

Download D3dx9_43.dll

8. Hal.dll

Hal.dll is the file used when any window or game file goes corrupt or missing.

Download Hal.dll

9. Ntdll.dll

Ntdll.dll is the file error occurs when this same file gets damaged or hardware corrupt error.

Download Ntdll.dll

10. xlive.dll

xlive.dll is the file used when the program is not starting like in GTA 4.

Download xlive.dll

11. buddha.dll

buddha.dll is the prominent error occurs mainly in games like Sleeping Dogs, COD Black Ops...etc.

Download buddha.dll

12. CryEA.dll

CryEA.dll is reported as a part of malware, so sometimes being blocked by antivirus. So used it while turning off the antivirus while loading the game. Games used CryEA.dll like Crysis 3 and other Crytek Games.

Download CryEA.dll

13. steam_api.dll

steam_api.dll is the file used Steamworks features and solution and while connecting to the servers.

Download steam_api.dll

14. Ieframe.dll

Ieframe.dll is the error occurs when your windows are not compatible to use it in any of the game installed.

Download Ieframe.dll

For More Such DLL files, search by name , Download all Dll files

Most Common PC Gaming Problems and Fixes

Weirdness in Gaming Graphics

This problem is mostly common in PC Games due to some inflated errors in textures which sometimes shows colour changing or picture impressions and most of the time some white or grey blinking bandings comes on the screen while playing any game like the picture below of Uncharted 4 . artifacts in gaming It mostly happens due to overheating of the system graphics card where temperature goes too high over the stress limit. This can be removed using a tool like TThrottle where we can check and manage the heating and use of Graphics Driver in a customized way.

Tearing in Gaming Screen

It is the problem when the frames in game started spliting and you started seeing the image misplaced , sometimes one image on another or interchanged . This problem goes very severe sometimes and we have to close the game. The Problem mostly occurs due to the high Gaming Performance with low level system Optimization. game screen tear Gaming Monitors having 60Hz mostly which means it can refresh image 60 times per second and sometimes the gaming graphic quality and frames are refreshed faster than the monitor's capability then the problem occurs. Some Gaming Laptops can refresh the image at a faster rate,so they could manage this problem easily.
The Problem can be solve by controlling the maximum frames rates to a limit for the System Stable Performance . Vysnc is a feature in Game Setting where we can set the frames to 60Hz usually . Or We can buy the laptops with high frames refresh rate.

Gameplay Lag online

We all must have faced this problem while playing online , lag in gaming really looks so frustating and while online gameplay the players competition increases so it feels more complex and weird in lagging. You are about to take the shot and the enemy is in your aim , and your shot is fired after a second by mouse press and meanwhile the enemy leaves the postion while flattering the screen. Sometimes your go ahead and back, again and again, due to the connection interrupted problem.You are seeing a multiplayer Screen of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 with lag problem. game screen tear It Happens mostly due to the quality of Internet Connection ,So try to boost your connection , it can be done by closing any downloads on the system and also the video streams loads. You can move your connection by Ethernet while Playing Multiplayer Games . Softwares used in boosting gaming connection:- 1. Game Boost 2. Internet Cyclone 3. TZ Connection Booster

Playing a Game on the PC is considered a better experience of Gaming and mostly Gamers use PC for playing games.But still many people enjoy different consoles for Gaming like PSP, X-Box etc.

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