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How to get your website adsense approved

28 August 2017 by Aman


Google Adsense is the most popular PPC Program ( Paid Per Click ) where you can earn money when people clicks on ads on your website or blog . They provide a niche program which determines the category of your website and provide the ads accordingly . But Google Adsense is not for every site which is on the internet , Your Website must be accepted by Google to get ads on the site . Google Experts and team review your site to judge whether your website is eligible for Google Ads or not . Now Coming on to the Adsense approval , that's a basic thing everyone goes through after building your site .

Just Remember Some Tricks to get the approval soon .

1. Focus mainly on Quality than Quantity

Google Adsense The Website must have a particular Category to which the site is mainly about and what people are looking for can gather to your site . The Content must be good and original that could help any organic or direct visitor to remain on your website to take your bounce rate low . If Your Content is Good then people wants to visit your site again and share your site for new users. The Bounce Rate and Daily visitors makes a important factor for adsense approval . You Can Check your page code ( html ) and remove the errors to make the webpage more optimized - Validate Html Code

2. Traffic is prime factor

This Could be your main factor for adsense approval. Daily few visitors on your site makes your website and content to be shared with new people and could make good impact to visitor . Your Website Traffic can be from many sources like Organic search ( from Google or other search engines ) , from social media (Facebook, whatsApp, twitter, Linkedin , instargram , reddit ).
Social Media is one of the best to share and revolve your website around the world . Other such Platform is YouTube , by which you can have a decent amount of traffic to your site . Create a channel of your favorite topic and add videos with good tags and title , then just add your wesbite URL in the description .

If Your Daily Traffic increases , then it makes your site for more eligible for Adsense .

3. Don't use other Programs to increase traffic and to display ads

Connect to Adsense for earning money

Some Programs which are used for increasing your traffic on your website and blog , these programs makes your website against the policy of Google Adsense .These Programs provides you ads for their referral and making money . But the Google Guidelines are against of these making money ad tricks . You could get some money , but not as much as GOOGLE ADSENSE .

4. Try not to add any restricted content

Basic about Adsense Many websites you must have seen have popup ads , malware problems which makes your browser works inadvertance , and some unauthorised data on your site makes the copyright issue , or with the domain risk problem . These issues are against Adsense policies .
Your Website must not contain any broken links or 404 error .
Check your site for - Broken Links

The Website must not contain malware problem .
Check it for malwares - Malware Detection

Hope this could give you a little help .

If You have any query ask a question in the contact above

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